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Current projects are two Bultaco cafe racers modeled on TSS road race bikes.  Plan is to make them street legal, with minimalist headlights and taillights.  At left is an original TSS Model 6, 125cc.  FYI, the other TSS project I've assembled parts for is a Model 29, with 350cc engine.  Have Mark II Matador frame as base, Mod 87 350cc Pursang engine so far.  May not go for as faithful a knockoff here and opt to use an old Dunstall cafe tank and generic cafe seat I have. 

This is close to current state for the Model 6 project.  My components are a Model 21 Campera frame, Model 4 200cc Sherpa S top end with Model 9 Merucrio bottom end, early 29.5mm Sherpa exposed spring forks, along with a repro TSS Mod 6 tank and seat I picked up.  Front hub is Model 8 Metralla, rear hub is Model 4 Sherpa.  Can't afford a GP Amal, so using a Monobloc 389/30  Frame is just about finished, engine needs to be rebuilt.