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I found this Montesa on Craigslist in the Summer of 2006.  My original thought was that I'd part it out on eBay.  I knew the front wheel alone was worth a few hundred bucks (more than I paid for the bike) -- it's a sought-after twin-leading shoe drum with air scoop that was also used on the Impala and LaCross.  But once I saw that the bike was nearly complete, I figured I'd see what it took to get running.

Here's pic of the restored bike.  Didn't take much, really.  Cleaned it up, painted the frame, straightened the front fender, fabbed a seat strap, added a new chain, OEM rear brake pedal and shift lever, kickstart spring, rear brake light switch, taillight bracket, handlebars.  That's about it.  The rest was original -- paint on tank, fender and headlight, grips, clutch, front brake and choke levers, footpeg rubbers, tires, etc.  See the next page for a few more pix and a link to a video of the bike running.