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This one's still on the road today.  Bike was in pretty good shape -- complete, no dents or major flaws, good tires, little over 36k on the clock.  Had aftermarket pod filters, Supertrapp 4-1 exhaust, seatcover.

Pulled the motor to paint the frame, engine, adjust the valves, polished the cam cover and side covers, peg mounts, carb caps. etc.  Cleaning/rebuilding carbs was fun!  Picked up a complete stock exhaust on eBay which polished up quite well, a stock airbox and OEM shocks (not shown in this pix -- still had the Works Performance shocks on it for this shot).  Also swapped the stock chrome bars and mirrors -- too upright -- for black-chrome "Euro" style bars that came with the RD400, and added generic "GP" mirrors.  Also added OEM Honda grips, shift lever rubber, toolkit.  Bike is a fun ride -- a big cruiser that's still pretty sporty at speed.  Plus everywhere it goes, someone stops to say, "I used to have one of those..."